ENFP Strengths

Nearly all ENFPs will recognize the following characteristics in themselves. They should embrace and nourish these strengths:
  • They’re exceptionally perceptive about people and situations. The’re often able to quickly and accurately assess where someone is coming from.
  • They accept and value people as individuals, and are strongly egalitarian. They believe that individuals have the right to be themselves, and are very tolerant and accepting of most people.
  • They’re often deep and intelligent, and may be quite brilliant in their ability to tie things together. They’re wired to look for connections int the external world, and so may mentally put things together more easily than many.
  • Their interest in understanding the world usually makes them in tune with what’s socially acceoptable and what isn’t. This may help them to be popular and likable.
  • They’re highly creative. This ability may be used in an artistic way, or way to be used to generate ideas and new ways of thinking.
ENFPs who have developed their Introverted Feeling to the extent that they apply judgment to all of their perceptions will enjoy these special gifts:
  • They will have the ability to follow through on projects they’ve begun.
  • They will be less gullible and malleable, and generally more able to discern between “good” and “bad”, rather than accepting everything without question.
  • They may be highly artistic.
  • They will have the ability to focus and concentrate deeply on tasks. This enhanced ability to think and process information internally will make them more capable on many levels.
  • They will balance out their desire to meet new people and have new experiences with the desire to put their understand to use in some way.
  • They will find more meaning and purpose in their lives.