Sadhguru on Body

  1. Unfortunately , Most people experience their body as just flesh and bone. It is seen as a source of either pain or physical pleasure, and 
  2. If you want to know yourself, turn inward…
  3. The only way a human can get more intelligent is to turn inward..
  4. your body is a gadget.
  5. Survival at one time meant getting a meal or two a day, Now survival means you must have a Mercedes.
  6. One fundamental aspect of yoga is learning to use body as an instrument. Most people are so identified with their body that they experience it as themselves.
  7. Methods to crank up your voltage system.
  8. Remaining in vertical posture, as much as possible
  9. Level of Pranayama kosha, so that physical wellness is taking care of
  10. Some exercise are permanent, some are reversal ( like going to gym.. )
  11. Sweetness is not the nature of sugar, but we create the experience..
  12. People have never paid attention to the inner; buy try to fix the outside.
  13. Essence of his life, The quality of his life is not decided by what is outside, but what is within himself… Shift of Focus.
  14. How peaceful and Joyful you are within yourself, this is the quality of life.
  15. Nature of Ida and Pingala is reactive, But once the energy enter Sushumna  ; you earn an inner  balance..
  16. How you hold your body/gadget ; If some one is dull then..
  17. There is a subtle process of manipulating your energy in a certain direction.
  18. This is not about sculpting your body and showing it off. This is to make the body into a fantastic vessel, a fabulous device to receive the Divine.
  19. If you count – 1,2,3 ,4 . you will never reach the infinite.When one reailzes the futility of this,  he naturally turns inwards to do t his – by untying the life process from the body.
  20. Meditate on your energy.