6 liners

  1. Dabbler in much, expert in none.
  2. Once wed, twice loved, past prime.
  3. I lost god. I found myself.
  4. Older now, I draw myself better.
  5. Anything possible—but I was tired.
  6. You are all in my imagination.
  7. I couldn’t protect me from myself.
  8. Married for money. Divorced for love.
  9. My life is a beautiful accident.
  10. I served my debt to society.
  11. My heart is deaf, head dumb.
  12. Wandering imagination opens doors to paradise.
  13. Couldn’t cope so I wrote songs.
  14. Young optimist: proven wrong. Prematurely old.
  15. Take a left turn, then fly.
  16. Memory was my drug of choice.
  17. Boys liked her. She preferred books.
  18. Cursed with cancer. Blessed with friends
  19. Midlife crisis uncovers queer intellectual’s talent.
  20. I’m just here for the beer.
  21. The image was large with silence.
  22. After your jump, the net appears.
  23. Love annihilated a thirty-year age difference.
  24. Even the quietest sounds make noise.
  25. Saw, interpreted, mourned, hoped, then preached.
  26. Saw the world; now where’s home?
  27. Many risky mistakes, very few regrets.
  28. Always working on the next chapter.
  29. Cheated organizational systems but never people.
  30. Was rebellious teen. Now raising one.
  31. My second grade teacher was right.
  32. Revenge is living well, without you.
  33. If there’s more, I want it.
  34. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes I smile.
  35. I inhale battles. I exhale victories.
  36. Working with what God gave me.
  37. Asked for love. Received confusion. Waiting.
  38. I waste time looking for love.
  39. Once was blind. Now I see.
  40. A daydream, or so it seemed.
  41. She danced, and did little else.
  42. When all else fails, start running.
  43. Still here despite logic and likelihood.
  44. Internet famous, for what that’s worth.
  45. Melancholy marvel at how everything connects.
  46. I’m the fine print; read closely.
  47. I fell out of the nest.
  48. I don’t nibble. I bite. Hard.
  49. Occassionally wrong but never in doubt.

Kavita – Hamesha Der kar deta hu main

हमेशा देर कर देता हूँ मैं
ज़रूरी बात कहनी हो
कोई वादा निभाना हो
उसे आवाज़ देनी हो
उसे वापस बुलाना हो
हमेशा देर कर देता हूँ मैं
मदद करनी हो उसकी
यार का धाढ़स बंधाना हो
बहुत देरीना[1] रास्तों पर
किसी से मिलने जाना हो
हमेशा देर कर देता हूँ मैं
बदलते मौसमों की सैर में
दिल को लगाना हो
किसी को याद रखना हो
किसी को भूल जाना हो
हमेशा देर कर देता हूँ मैं
किसी को मौत से पहले
किसी ग़म से बचाना हो
हक़ीक़त और थी कुछ
उस को जा के ये बताना हो
हमेशा देर कर देता हूँ मैं